Hearing Challenges

5 Reasons to Get a Hearing Assessment

It can be easy to let a hearing assessment fall lower on your to-do list. It’s also likely not the first thing you think of when it comes to checking up on your health. However, hearing assessments are a very important part of making sure you can live a long and fulfilling life. Adult hearing assessments can flag any hearing problems before they progress, and your Doctor of Audiology can help you explore your treatment options with a personalized approach. Here are 5 benefits to adult hearing assessments and why you should add one to your schedule.

Untreated Hearing Loss Is Linked to Memory Loss

Research has found that untreated hearing loss makes you at least 200% more likely to develop dementia and cognitive issues. Hearing loss may affect the structure of your brain in a way that contributes to cognitive problems. Brain imaging studies show that older adults with hearing loss have less grey matter in the part of their brain that receives, and processes sound from your ears.  That’s because certain structures of brain cells can shrink when they don’t get enough stimulation. This lack of stimulation due to hearing loss has been linked to memory loss.

Hearing Loss Increases Your Risk of Falling

Untreated hearing loss puts you at a three-fold risk of falling.  In the ear, balance and hearing are directly connected. What you hear, and don’t hear directly affects your balance and when you have hearing loss, you are more likely to fall and get hurt.

You Can Flag Other Health Issues

Hearing loss can sometimes be a symptom of other health issues, and your Doctor of Audiology might be able to identify more serious health concerns like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or kidney disease. Additionally, hearing loss tends to occur simultaneously with mood disorders like depression or conditions like dementia. Knowing this can allow you to seek the treatment you need for other health concerns.

Your Relationships Will Improve

Hearing loss can make social situations even more difficult to navigate. If you can’t hear well because of background noise, it can be difficult to keep up with conversations. This can sometimes give the impression that you’re aloof, standoffish, or not paying attention. By treating your hearing loss, you can more easily form relationships and maintain the ones you already have.

You Can Hear Your Favorite Sounds Again

You might be surprised to learn that not hearing the little things can directly impact your day-to-day wellness. Hearing loss can take away whole ranges of sounds, so you may no longer be able to hear things like your favorite clock ticking, the birds outside, or your grandkids’ laughter. Hearing these sounds again can transform your outlook and help lift your mood over time.

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At Hearing Doctors of New Jersey, we can perform a comprehensive hearing assessment using our proprietary H.E.A.R. MethodTM to help you live your best, most healthy life. To meet with our Doctors of Audiology, schedule an appointment by calling our Livingston office or filling out our online contact form.

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Hearing Loss

What Are My Options for Hearing Loss Treatment?

For many people, hearing loss can occur as we get older. For others, hearing loss can occur much sooner. Whatever your circumstances, treating your hearing loss is extremely important – in fact, research has found that treating your hearing loss can delay the onset of dementia, reduce the impact of depression and anxiety, reduce loneliness, and improve your overall quality of life. There are many different treatment options available for hearing loss and at Hearing Doctors of New Jersey, treatment is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Here’s what to know about your hearing loss treatment options and how you can benefit from the help of our team.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are one of the most common and effective ways to treat your hearing loss. They work by amplifying sounds directly into the ear canal while minimizing background noise. Although they don’t cure hearing loss, they can make it easier to navigate your day-to-day life by allowing you to hear everyday sounds and conversations. There are many different types of hearing aids which now include cutting edge technologies like Bluetooth connectivity, noise cancellation, rechargeable batteries, automatic adjustment, and artificial intelligence. So, rest assured that there’s a hearing aid that will work best for you, your lifestyle, and your preferences.

Bone-Anchored Hearing Systems

A step above hearing aids, bone-anchored hearing systems are implantable devices that can treat hearing loss. They work by picking up and sending sound vibrations through the bone to the inner ear, meaning they don’t actually amplify noise. They are very sophisticated systems that can be a great option if you aren’t a good candidate for hearing aids. As with hearing aids, they can come with a variety of sophisticated features. They’re surgically implanted in the mastoid bone and although the devices and procedure can be much more expensive than hearing aids, they can last for the long term.

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are another type of implantable device that works by stimulating your auditory nerve to provide sound. With a cochlear implant, you can learn to adapt to a new way of “hearing” and go about daily activities. Cochlear implants require surgical implantation and are often reserved for those who have severely impacted hearing or who are deaf. You may require a few follow-up appointments after implantation to fine-tune and adjust the implant so it works according to your needs, but cochlear implants generally last a lifetime.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

While you may or may not benefit from hearing aids or implantable devices can still have unique needs when it comes to hearing certain sounds. Assistive listening devices are accessories that can help you compensate for difficulties hearing things like television, phone calls, or music. Using advanced technology, ALDs can connect to your device and help you hear more clearly while you navigate everyday activities.

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At Hearing Doctors of New Jersey, we offer a unique approach to hearing loss treatment. Using our proprietary H.E.A.R. MethodTM, our Doctors of Audiology focus on your brain-hearing ability and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is personalized based on your unique goals and needs. To learn more about hearing loss and hearing aids, download our FREE Insider’s Guide on how to finally hear better now.

Hearing Challenges

The Top 5 Reasons You Are Avoiding Seeing A Hearing Care Specialist

1. You are afraid/embarrassed/see it as a sign of aging

Fear is the #1 reason most people avoid treating their hearing loss. Often, people will deny themselves medical treatment of their hearing for fear of being seen as ‘old’ by others. Trust me when I say this – not treating your hearing loss, not being part of the conversation, always saying ‘what’ and ‘huh’ when others speak – that makes you look old!

2. You are afraid it is going to cost too much

New treatment options for addressing hearing, tinnitus, and associated cognitive decline are now more affordable than ever. Our practice offers payment plan options which makes the treatment you need affordable.

3. You are afraid it is going to take too long/miss too much work

Modern technology and telehealth allow us to work around your schedule AND be efficient with your time. Our modern technology allows for an efficient diagnostic and treatment process to make the most of your time in the office.

4. You don’t see the need to act now

Untreated and undertreated hearing loss (i.e.., people who use poorly fit traditional hearing aids or over-the-counter hearing aids) can significantly decrease their quality of life and increase their risk of dementia, falls, isolation, and premature death. In fact, not properly addressing your hearing loss and tinnitus can lead to a loss of independence. If you have early signs of hearing loss and tinnitus you need to act, NOW.

5. You know someone who got hearing aids in the past and it didn’t work

Let’s face it, not all hearing healthcare providers are created equal. That’s why I developed a proprietary H.E.A.R. MethodTM which takes the guesswork out of figuring out what is the best hearing aid for you. I do this by testing your hearing and evaluating which hearing aid will help you hear the most clearly in background noise.

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What’s your excuse? Get help now. The team at Hearing Doctors of New Jersey takes a holistic approach to hearing healthcare. It’s not about selling you a solution, or making you feel like a number. Our Doctors of Audiology practice the H.E.A.R. Method, which assesses your hearing and cognitive health to ensure you never miss another word – guaranteed.

To learn more about hearing loss and hearing aids, download our FREE Insider’s Guide on how to finally hear better.