These days, hearing aids are far more than in-ear sound amplifiers. With the advent of modern technology, the newest hearing aids we provide offer a host of high-tech features and capabilities to help you get the most out of your experience with your personalized device. From directional microphones to specialized functions like mask mode, your hearing aid options are more customizable and powerful than ever.

Digital Hearing Aids

As technology has advanced, hearing aids have benefited from smaller designs with equal or greater capabilities than their predecessors. Digital hearing aids are the standard these days,with even the smallest and most affordable devices offer convenient, high-quality sound processing technology to help you hear better.

Modern hearing aids collect sound from your environment and process it to help you hear the things you want to hear. They amplify frequencies you don’t hear well naturally while minimizing distracting tones and sounds. Some include noise cancellation to eliminate background noise such as wind or other conversations to help you focus on the conversation you’re participating in. Digital hearing aids are the most natural, comfortable, and discreet devices you can use on the market today.

Modern Hearing Aid Features

Beyond simply processing sound from the world around you, today’s hearing aids offer a host of benefits that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Here are some of the convenient, popular benefits our patients ask us about when they come in for a consultation.

Speech Isolation

More and more professional hearing aids come with software that identifies human voices and isolates them from other noises to help you hear speech more clearly. Some even have directional microphones that can identify where sound is coming from – whether in front of you or behind you – and cuts out background noise based on what direction you’re facing.

This is a commonly requested and highly satisfying feature our patients love. When you come in for a comprehensive hearing assessment with one of our Doctors of Audiology, we take you through the H.E.A.R. Method™ Treatment Program to identify the specific features, types, and design of hearing aids that may be able to help you maintain an active lifestyle. It’s all about understanding how your brain interprets sound and therefore what device or treatment will actually produce the results.

Motion Sensors

Many people looking for hearing aids are experiencing hearing loss due to the effects of aging. With age, people become more susceptible to serious injuries due to falls and health conditions that can cause them. Advanced hearing aids offer motion sensors that can automatically detect a fall and use a connected device to notify emergency services and contacts to get help to them right away.

Motion detectors can also be used to track activity, giving you goals to achieve with daily movement and energy use, similar to a smart watch fitness device.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Many new hearing aids can connect to smartphones and other devices through Bluetooth technology, enabling people with hearing aids to listen to phone calls, music, or even television through their hearing aids. This has the added benefit of still being able to process sound to ensure speech is elevated and background noise is canceled out.

Connected smartphone apps can tell you if your hearing aid battery is getting low, offer reminders for maintenance and cleaning, as well as set settings for certain activities or environments, such as “crowded restaurant” or “outdoors” for convenient on-the-go tweaking.

Personalized Hearing Solutions in New Jersey

Hearing aid technology has and will always be evolving to offer people suffering from hearing loss innovative and needed solutions to their hearing problems. With our proprietary H.E.A.R. Method™ Treatment Program, we’ll identify the cause, severity, and specific type of hearing loss to help you get the exact treatment you need. Contact the Hearing Doctors of New Jersey today to meet with one of our Doctor of Audiology, and find out how your hearing concerns are affecting your lifestyle and your loved ones today.