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Dr. Nesson is not only a true professional but also warm, upbeat and personable.  My atypical hearing loss and ear structure have made finding the right hearing aids challenging at times, but Dr. Nesson always comes up with a solution and is exceptionally patient.  She is timely, listens to my concerns, and never rushes through our appointments. Dr. Nesson is very knowledgeable about and equipped with the most up-to-date technology. Her office is efficient, clean and well-appointed.  I would highly recommend Dr. Nesson. Helping people hear better is truly her passion!  
– C.P.

“Dr. Rhee was personable and direct. She explained how the cheap ones I was wearing worked, and how the new ones would do a better job. We then tested my hearing in a soundproof room, both with my old ones and with new ones from various manufacturers. Since they are an independent firm, she did not push one over another. We easily picked the ones that did the best job in a noisy environment (like a restaurant or at a party), where I needed the most help. I bought a pair on the spot. She will work w me to optimize the program over the next 2 weeks.”

Dr. Rhee expressed herself by explaining all aspects of your Hearing Aid & making certain you understand how to use your Hearing Aid to its fullest. Dr. Rhee cares about her patient’s complete satisfaction.

“I was very impressed by the thoroughness of the tests given and the amount of time Dr. Rosenman-Nesson spent with me reviewing the test results etc. It turned out that although there has been a slight decline in my hearing, hearing aids were not recommended at this time.”

“Dr. Nesson is very personable and knowledgeable.”

“My sister and I brought my ninety-something-year-old mother to see Dr. Rosenman-Nesson earlier this year. My mom was treated with both care and respect and, above all, patience. Mom was properly tested and expertly fitted with superior equipment.”

“An amazing experience with Dr. Rhee Rosenman-Nesson. She was so informative, caring and made me feel comfortable, even excited about getting hearing aids. She adds a layer of testing and professionalism I haven’t experienced before.

“Dr. Rhee was very pleasant and helpful.”

“Met with Dr. Rhee Rosemann-Nesson – Had an extremely professional hearing screening, totally focused on what would be best for my situation. The hearing aids were presented without pressure identifying which model would be best for me.”

“I had an appointment today at 2:30 and was greeted in a friendly professional manner. The reason for my visit was to consult with Dr. Rhee Rosenman-Nesson. She was extremely kind, knowledgeable and professional. Although it was a sobering exam the doctor made it a great experience!”

“She [Dr. Rhee Rosenman-Nesson] has helped me, my children, my father, grandmother and numerous others with their hearing–especially hearing aids. She has been practicing for over 15 years both in the city and locally and I can attest that every patient of hers I have met has had only good things to say. On a personal note, she is patient, kind, caring, and most importantly meticulous with how she treats everyone she sees.

“Dr. Rosenman-Nesson was amazing, she took the time to explain the entire process, the anatomy of the ear and how we hear, and also took the time to find out about my Dad and his hearing difficulties.”

Dr. Rhee is extremely knowledgeable in the field of audiology. She is sensitive to my unique condition called Meniere’s Disease. She truly cares about helping me by making sure my hearing aide works well for me. During the examination, she is patient and thorough. Dr. Rhee is relaxed and welcoming. She wants to talk if I need to talk and doesn’t make me feel like she’s rushing through my appointment. She has a warmth about her that shows up when she sees me feeling great because of the improvement of my overall quality of life. I think hearing problems cause other issues like depression and anxiety- she is aware of this and just wants people to feel good! I highly recommend Dr. Rhee.”