How Hearing Aids Work

Far from being simple devices, modern hearing aids possess powerful capabilities to help users hear the world around them differently in different environments. Noise cancellation, advanced sound processing, and high-quality amplifiers are all components of professional hearing aids we use to help people adjust to a lifestyle with hearing loss.

The Basic Function of a Hearing Aid

Unlike simple amplifiers that make all external noise louder with a volume control, hearing aids take in sound and process it before sending it to a speaker that reproduces the sounds around you in real time. Because of this and the many settings each hearing aid needs to have fine-tuned, it’s essential to have a professional audiologist set up your hearing aids to ensure they’re programmed correctly.

The basic parts of a hearing aid include:

  • Microphone(s)
  • Digital processor
  • Amplifier
  • Speaker
  • Battery compartment (some hearing aids use rechargeable batteries)
  • Device controls

As new technologies and capabilities are developed, hearing aids adapt and become more advanced. Directional microphones allow hearing aid users to focus on sound in specific areas, most commonly in the direction they’re facing, to better hear speech, for example. Bluetooth connectivity has allowed hearing aid manufacturers to develop convenient apps to control your device and make quick changes with presets such as “outdoors” or “conversation.” And the shrinking high-performance microchip allows for increasingly smaller and more discreet hearing aids that maintain a high quality of sound processing.

The quality and design of each of these components, as well as the form factor of hearing aids make certain devices better suited for different people, given their lifestyle preferences and degree of hearing loss.

Benefits of Hearing Aids

There are many benefits to being properly fit with hearing aids. Modern hearing aids will help you no longer struggle to hear your friends and family.  A properly fit hearing aid will help you hear every single word and finally enjoy the conversations again.

Hearing Loss Solutions in New Jersey

No matter your age or degree of hearing loss, finding treatment is important and your options for hearing aids have never been more advanced or more helpful. Learn more about how hearing aids will help you live a better life by scheduling an appointment with the Hearing Doctors of New Jersey today. Call our office or contact us online to get started.