5 Reasons to Get a Hearing Assessment


It can be easy to let a hearing assessment fall lower on your to-do list. It’s also likely not the first thing you think of when it comes to checking up on your health. However, hearing assessments are a very important part of making sure you can live a long and fulfilling life. Adult hearing assessments can flag any hearing problems before they progress, and your Doctor of Audiology can help you explore your treatment options with a personalized approach. Here are 5 benefits to adult hearing assessments and why you should add one to your schedule.

Untreated Hearing Loss Is Linked to Memory Loss

Research has found that untreated hearing loss makes you at least 200% more likely to develop dementia and cognitive issues. Hearing loss may affect the structure of your brain in a way that contributes to cognitive problems. Brain imaging studies show that older adults with hearing loss have less grey matter in the part of their brain that receives, and processes sound from your ears.  That’s because certain structures of brain cells can shrink when they don’t get enough stimulation. This lack of stimulation due to hearing loss has been linked to memory loss.

Hearing Loss Increases Your Risk of Falling

Untreated hearing loss puts you at a three-fold risk of falling.  In the ear, balance and hearing are directly connected. What you hear, and don’t hear directly affects your balance and when you have hearing loss, you are more likely to fall and get hurt.

You Can Flag Other Health Issues

Hearing loss can sometimes be a symptom of other health issues, and your Doctor of Audiology might be able to identify more serious health concerns like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or kidney disease. Additionally, hearing loss tends to occur simultaneously with mood disorders like depression or conditions like dementia. Knowing this can allow you to seek the treatment you need for other health concerns.

Your Relationships Will Improve

Hearing loss can make social situations even more difficult to navigate. If you can’t hear well because of background noise, it can be difficult to keep up with conversations. This can sometimes give the impression that you’re aloof, standoffish, or not paying attention. By treating your hearing loss, you can more easily form relationships and maintain the ones you already have.

You Can Hear Your Favorite Sounds Again

You might be surprised to learn that not hearing the little things can directly impact your day-to-day wellness. Hearing loss can take away whole ranges of sounds, so you may no longer be able to hear things like your favorite clock ticking, the birds outside, or your grandkids’ laughter. Hearing these sounds again can transform your outlook and help lift your mood over time.

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