Hearing Loss Can Impact Your Cognitive Health


We all know that moderate to severe hearing loss has an effect on a person’s lifestyle and quality of life, but did you also know that it can increase their risk for cognitive impairment? Research points to negative physical, mental, and emotional side effects that increase with the severity of hearing loss. Fortunately, these effects can be halted or even reversed through seeking hearing restoration from a professional hearing aid specialist in New Jersey.

The Link Between Hearing and Our Brain

Hearing loss has both short- and long-term implications for a person’s neurological health, including the development or progression of dementia. In terms of the quality of life, with more severe hearing loss, the more socially isolated a person becomes, leading to a lack of support system that makes them more vulnerable to losing self-agency and becoming stigmatized.

However, it’s important to say that not every single case of hearing loss is guaranteed to cause neurological harm, just that it raises the risk of developing or worsening mental decline significantly. Plus, keep in mind that by treating hearing loss, you can prevent and reduce this risk completely.

In a landmark publication by The Lancet, hearing impairment was determined to be the #1 modifiable risk factor for cognitive decline when identified and addressed in mid-life. And a growing number of studies report a direct correlation between hearing intervention and the stopping (and potential reversal) of cognitive decline.

“Providing hearing aids or other rehabilitative services for hearing impairment much earlier in the course of hearing impairment may stem the worldwide rise of dementia.” 1 

– Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Why Doing Something Now Matters

Taking action in the management of your hearing loss may delay or slow the advancement of cognitive decline. So don’t wait, get the help you need with a comprehensive hearing test at the Hearing Doctors of New Jersey.

Our proprietary H.E.A.R. MethodTM now includes cognitive screening in addition to a full array of hearing tests and examinations to pinpoint the type and severity of hearing loss, as well as whether you’re at risk for cognitive decline. The Cognivue Thrive screening tool is a personalized way to receive a screening of your overall cognitive and hearing health.

About Cognivue Thrive

Cognivue Thrive is an FDA-cleared cognitive testing device that quickly identifies brain health in three domains: visual, decision-making, and memory. This five-minute test measures processing speed and reaction time to reveal key areas of potential cognitive decline. The Thrive report generated from the test comes with recommendations on how to be proactive in managing identified risk factors or medical conditions, including having a professional hearing aid fitted.

Depending on the results of your baseline Cognivue Thrive test, we may ask you to come to a follow-up appointment to confirm the results or work with you to design a hearing solution that helps restore your hearing and stave off potential cognitive decline.

Hearing Solutions in Livingston, New Jersey

Take action against what’s an easily preventable complication of hearing loss today.

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1Livingston G, Sommerlad A, Orgeta V et al. Dementia prevention, intervention, and care. Lancet 2017;390:2673–2734