Hearing Aids

Tips for New Hearing Aid Wearers

If you are wearing hearing aids for the first time, there are some things you will need to get used to. Hearing aids greatly improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss, but there is a short adjustment period and new things to learn about caring for your hearing aids. Your audiologist at Hearing Doctors of New Jersey can answer any questions, but below are just a few tips for new hearing aid wearers.

Be Patient—You Will Get Used to Them!

New hearing aids can feel overwhelming or distracting. These feelings typically fade quickly as you adjust to wearing the hearing aids. If you do not feel used to your hearing aids within several days, or if they feel excessively uncomfortable, schedule a follow-up appointment with your audiologist. This can be a sign that they need to be adjusted further or that there is some type of issue with the hearing aids.

Avoid Adjusting Your New Hearing Aids

Your new hearing aids will have various adjustments for things like amplification settings. Your audiologist will adjust your hearing aids according to your needs, and most models will automatically adjust according to the environment. You should not attempt to adjust your new hearing aids yourself, because it’s common to increase amplification beyond the natural hearing range, which isn’t necessary or healthy for everyday use.

Wait to Wear Them in Loud Environments

When you first get hearing aids, it’s best to limit your use to quieter environments, like your own home. Gradually, you can begin using your hearing aids in incrementally noisier environments like cafes, crowded public spaces, or movie theaters. Sudden exposure to loud or noisy places can be overwhelming for new hearing aid users.

Limit New Hearing Aid Use

Just as you should gradually adjust to noisier spaces, it’s best to limit your hearing aid use to a few hours per day at first. Being exposed to new noises can be distracting at first. Your audiologist can help you decide when to wear your hearing aids for the first several weeks.

Read Aloud to Yourself

It can be difficult to moderate your own volume when you first get hearing aids, and many people with hearing loss begin speaking loudly without realizing they are doing so. Many new hearing aid wearers find it helpful to read to themselves to practice speaking at a natural volume.

Practice Hearing Aid Maintenance

There are several steps you will need to take to properly take care of your hearing aids. When you get new hearing aids, practice cleaning them or keeping up with their maintenance. If your hearing aid case does not have a built-in dehumidifier, you may consider purchasing one to make sure your hearing aids work as they should long-term.

Schedule an Appointment

If you have questions about your new hearing aids or want to find out if you need hearing aids, schedule an appointment with the Hearing Doctors of New Jersey. Call our Livingston, NJ office at (973) 577-4100 or contact us online to set up your first appointment.

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