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Hearing Doctors of New Jersey and NYHD | TinnitusCare

Hearing Doctors of New Jersey and NYHD | TinnitusCare are teaming up to provide comprehensive tinnitus services in Livingston, New Jersey. Hearing Doctors of New Jersey’s proprietary H.E.A.R. Method™ Treatment Program, coupled with NYHD | TinnitusCare‘s holistic methods will now ensure the highest level of care for those dealing with tinnitus.

NYHD clinicians will be offering advanced treatments for tinnitus including the FDA-Approved Lenire system. This unique partnership between Hearing Doctors of New Jersey and NYHD | TinnitusCare will not only benefit individuals with tinnitus but also serve as a valuable resource for healthcare providers in the area.

What is the Lenire Device?

The FDA-certified medical device Lenire dramatically reduces tinnitus symptoms, including ringing or buzzing in the ears, without requiring surgery or intrusion. It uses a technique called bimodal neuromodulation, which stimulates the brain’s “rewiring” and modifies nerve behavior, by applying gentle pulses to the tongue along with relaxing noises through headphones. Through modifying how the brain perceives and responds to tinnitus, this approach seeks to help the brain become more receptive to the symptoms until they are barely noticeable.

Lenire is a home-based therapy prescribed by an audiology doctor that involves routine follow-ups to track improvement. Tested in an extensive clinical investigation including more than 500 people, up to 83% of those receiving treatment suggested Lenire for tinnitus management.

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