Hearing Aids

Essential Accessories For Your Hearing Aids

Although hearing aid technology accomplishes a lot for those with hearing loss, they are not standalone, “set it and forget it” devices. Especially when you’ve made a financial investment in a high-quality hearing aid, it’s important to take good care of it to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

To make this possible, The Hearing Doctors of New Jersey offer a wide range of accessories and necessities to help your hearing aids stay durable.

312 Batteries

We offer standard 312 hearing aid batteries in packs of 40 to ensure you always have the power you need without needing to remember to stock up every few weeks. We partnered with Rayovac, a leading provider of hearing aid batteries that offer both reliability and value. Take advantage of this partnership by buying batteries for hearing aids at a highly competitive price.

Wax Guards

One of the most common causes of hearing aid loss of function is ear wax buildup in and around the earbud and tubing. Even when hearing aids are properly cleaned, wax can build up quickly, blocking sound and rendering your hearing aids unhelpful or even useless.

Help protect your hearing aid against this buildup by using Starkey’s Hear Clear wax guards daily. We offer the latest version of wax guards with convenient application and removal sticks to make applying wax guards accessible to as many people with hearing aids as possible.

Disinfecting Wipes

Sanitizing your hearing aids is an important daily step that helps prevent ear infections and irritation caused by your hearing aids, which can commonly occur when they’re worn for a long time throughout each day. And finding a high-quality disinfectant can be hard, as some ingredients can irritate or overly dry out the delicate skin in and around your ear canal.

We offer Audiowipes hearing aid cleaning wipes that are proven to clean and disinfect your hearing aid buds with an alcohol-free formula. This protects both your ears and your hearing aids from ear wax buildup and bacterial growth when used regularly.

Dehumidifier and Disinfectant

For those looking to make a long-lasting investment in their quality hearing aids, a simple step to take is looking into the PerfectDry Lux Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer with built-in UV-C disinfecting light. This goes above and beyond traditional disinfectants by bathing the surface of hearing aids with bacteria-killing ultraviolet rays. Plus, it keeps hearing aids from retaining moisture with a forced-air fan system that reduces itching and infection by not allowing a rich environment for bacteria to grow. For only $65, this device can be a great addition to your hearing aid maintenance while remaining affordable.

Hearing Aid Accessories in New Jersey

Because we’ve partnered with many of the product manufacturers as audiologists, we can offer hearing aid patients exclusive discounts and bulk rates you won’t find elsewhere. Patients and non-patients alike can enjoy the convenience of online ordering and contact-free delivery offered in our online store. With dozens of accessories and products, from batteries to ear wax removal kits, we’re a one-stop source for your hearing aid needs.

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