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The 5 Best Hearing Aid Manufacturers

If you’re considering your options with hearing aids, it can seem a little overwhelming. There are many different brands, types, and models of hearing aids available so selecting the right one for your brain hearing needs can require some help. Although a Doctor of Audiology is the best person to help you select a the best hearing aid for you, it can be helpful to know a little about some of the hearing aid names you’ll come across. Each hearing aid manufacturer will have different benefits and technologies to select from, so here’s a guide to the five best hearing aid manufacturers on the market.


Oticon hearing aids are designed to help reduce the cognitive strain and decline that comes with hearing loss. By freeing up more “brain space” to devote to daily activities, Oticon hearing aids can help improve mental fatigue, speech problems, social isolation, and low energy levels. Oticon is best known for their More™ line, which includes small-but-powerful, rechargeable hearing aids and Oticon’s Xceed technology for those who need more power to treat their hearing loss. Oticon even offers remote control through its smartphone app which help you connect to assistive listening and smart technologies in your home.


Starkey® is an American hearing aid manufacturer with a wide variety of hearing aid types. While they offer traditional types like behind-the-ear models, they also offer modern invisible in-the-canal devices for the best cosmetic features. Additionally, they offer technology for tinnitus patients as well as hearing aid technologies designed to pair with iPhone devices. Starkey is one of the most well-known brands in the United States and offers reliable, American-made hearing aids.


Phonak remains an innovator in the hearing aid industry, offering the world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid, for example. Phonak also offers smart adaptive technology, so your hearing aids automatically tailor their output based on your environment. It also offers unique technologies specifically developed for children or people with single-sided deafness. All Phonak devices are compatible with the myPhonak app which offers benefits like remote support from your Doctor of Audiology, real-time adjustments, battery status, and feedback tracking which is shareable with your hearing team.


ReSound offers some of the best technological compatibility in the industry. It also offers real-time adaptability and streaming specifically compatible with Android users. This means that, with ReSound devices, you can use your hearing aids just like headphones. ReSound has developed a tinnitus relief app to help relieve symptoms through sound therapy, relaxation exercises, and meditation guidance – even streamed through your hearing aids. Additionally, ReSound’s Smart 3D app can pair with your hearing aid devices to improve speech understanding through your smartphone or smart watch.


Widex® is known as the most quality option for hearing loss patients. The Widex Moment model is their most prestigious and offers iPhone compatibility with an unparalleled listening experience. Widex’s goal is to provide the most true-to-life sound experience possible even in noisy environments like crowded restaurants, sports events, or concert venues. Widex hearing aids even come with technology developed to preserve the unique sounds of the human voice, so you don’t lose anything by using hearing aids. For new hearing aid patients and experienced ones alike, Widex is the best option for those whom quality sound is integral to daily life.

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