Hearing Aids

Common Hearing Aid Repairs

At Hearing Doctors of New Jersey, we don’t just help people find hearing solutions that work for their unique experience of hearing loss, we are also their partners in continuing to enjoy a functional lifestyle with ongoing hearing aid service. This includes hearing aid repair, a common need for many people with hearing aids.

When your hearing aid suddenly sounds different or stops working, you may not need to buy a brand new one. The problem you’re having may be one of these common issues with hearing aids that we can help fix.

Battery Issues

Hearing aid batteries, whether single-use or rechargeable, are notoriously finicky and are often the cause of problems with hearing aids. Battery life can vary widely by type of hearing aid, type of battery, and usage habits, which means some batteries die well before you’d expect them to.

In addition, many hearing aids require the battery door to be closed in a specific way, as leaving it open or closing it improperly can fail to complete the circuit needed to power the device.

Our audiologists have the tools and experience to diagnose battery problems and can help you.

Improper Fit

Although it’s not very noticeable, our ears grow and change shape over time. Any change in the interior part of the ear can alter the fit of the device in your ear. An improper fit can cause issues such as feedback or ringing and poor sound quality.

Our audiologists may be able to repair issues of fit with a new mold or other techniques, but in some cases, the hearing aid will need to be replaced.

Tubing Issues

When hearing aids use plastic tubing, they can often suffer from performance issues due to cracking, stretching, or hardening that occurs over time. Often, this degradation results in gradual decline in performance until it becomes noticeable to the user.

While there may be some options for cleaning and fixing hearing aid tubes at home, our audiologists can ensure that the repair job is done right and custom-fit to your ear.

Sound Quality Problems

Sometimes the problem isn’t with anything you can see from the outside of the hearing aid; the electronics and computer chip within the hearing aid can sometimes cause issues of performance. When you experience a sudden change in volume or sound quality, bring it to our audiologists, who can treat the internal components or order a replacement.

Hearing Aid Repair in New Jersey

Not every issue that can arise with hearing aids is correctable, but fortunately, many are. Whenever you notice a distinct change in the performance or quality of sound your hearing aid produces, know that the Hearing Doctors of New Jersey are here to help. At Hearing Doctors of New Jersey, we can help repair your hearing aids. Get in touch with us today by calling or filling out a contact form online.

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