Our Approach to Hearing

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HDNJ Method™ 

At Hearing Doctors of New Jersey, we’re passionate about providing a hearing health experience that is anything but cookie-cutter. Following our proprietary HDNJ Method, our Doctors of Audiology can create the ideal treatment plan for you to begin living your best life and optimizing your hearing health.  

Personalized Hearing Assessment

We’ll begin your hearing health by discussing many different factors of your health history and lifestyle so that we can determine the right course of action for you. This includes your family history, symptoms, hearing protection, and how often you’re exposed to loud environments. With this information, we can determine the right assessments and treatment plans for you to preserve your hearing health and ensure you can use the right technology for your hearing needs. Our Doctors of Audiology take the time to address each patient’s unique concerns so that you feel comfortable and heard— as well as able to make an informed choice about the best course forward for you.

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

The next step in optimizing your hearing health is by performing the right evaluations to get a complete picture of your hearing ability. At our Livingston office, we can perform an array of hearing tests to build an audiogram that gives us the best idea of your hearing health. Our Doctors of Audiology can ensure you undergo the best assessments for your situation and fit with the information we gather during your personalized hearing assessment.

QuickSIN™ Test

One common aspect of hearing loss is the inability to hear in environments with lots of background noise, like a loud restaurant. The QuickSIN™ test allows our Doctors of Audiology to get a much more complete picture of your hearing ability versus some of the more traditional hearing assessments.

During this test, the Doctor of Audiology will program different hearing aids for you. Next, you’ll listen for certain keywords in a sentence in the midst of some background noise to measure how well you can hear in a noisy environment. From there, your Doctor of Audiology can accurately determine what hearing aid is the right one for you and will go over your next steps in your hearing loss treatment.

Real Ear Test (Fitting Verification)

It can require some expert steps to make sure that your hearing aids fit comfortably while still providing you the right amount of hearing correction. A real ear test can measure the sound pressure level in your ear canal when wearing hearing aids, helping us make the correct adjustments for your unique hearing aid options. This allows us to test multiple fits to find the best one for you so that you can enjoy your best listening ability with your chosen hearing aids.

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