Hearing Loss Treatments in South Orange, NJ


Hearing Doctors of New Jersey is dedicated to your overall health and well-being with comprehensive hearing loss treatments and treatment for ear conditions or injuries. Our Livingston office is easily accessible to patients in South Orange and the following areas. Our Doctors of Audiology have years of training and experience and we are dedicated to helping our patients develop the best course of treatment for their hearing health.

Adult Hearing Assessment in South Orange, NJ

A hearing assessment is much more than a hearing test in South Orange. During your hearing assessment, one of our Doctors of Audiology will discuss your overall health history to determine the root cause of your hearing loss. A hearing test will be performed along with a test that looks at how the ear reacts to different pressure degrees. An audiogram, or graph created during your hearing test, is used to see where the hearing loss is coming from. A QuickSIN test can also be performed to determine the best type of hearing aid for you.

Pediatric Hearing Test in South Orange, NJ

Our Doctors of Audiology also offer hearing assessments for children in South Orange. Although hearing loss is typically associated with old age, children can be born with poor hearing or develop hearing loss early on. In fact, hearing loss is one of the most common birth defects (congenital disorder). Ear infections or other conditions and injuries can also result in pediatric hearing loss.

Hearing Aids in South Orange, NJ

At our office, we offer a wide range of hearing aids with cutting-edge technology designed to maximize your level of restored hearing. Hearing aids are small electronic devices that consist of a microphone, amplifier, and speaker. They sit behind or in the ear to directly send amplified sounds to the ears. We rely on reputable hearing aid manufacturers like Oticon, Starkey, Widex, Phonak, and ReSound.

Hearing Aid Repairs in South Orange, NJ

If your hearing aid stops working, it can sometimes be easily repaired at our office. Before making an appointment, we encourage you to make sure it is charged and turned on properly and that the volume was not adjusted accidentally. If there is visible damage, we may suggest a hearing aid replacement since it can be more costly to repair. A new hearing aid will also have brand new technology that won’t need repair for a long time.

Hearing Aid Fittings in South Orange, NJ

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles, so it is helpful to have the expert advice of a Doctor of Audiology when deciding on a hearing aid. Various hearing aid styles include:

  • Invisible-in-Canal (IIC): virtually undetectable with great noise-canceling technology
  • Completely-in-Canal (CIC): easily concealed but has greater control with an external switch
  • In-the-Canal (ITC): a custom, molded fit that won’t get in the way of eyeglasses or an active lifestyle
  • In-the-Ear (ITE): custom, molded fit that is the easiest to wear and remove
  • Reciever-in-Canal (RIC): lightweight, comfortable, flexible fitting range with Bluetooth features and rechargeable batteries
  • Behind-the-Ear (BTE): advanced technology like Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable batteries, and remote adjustments via Telehealth

Central Auditory Processing Evaluation in South Orange, NJ

Central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) causes distorted signals to the ears, causing inhibited hearing. CAPD is sometimes difficult to diagnose, especially in children, because symptoms seem like a cognitive disorder or learning disability like ADD or ADHD. The distorted signals make it difficult to concentrate, understand spoken words, and follow directions. Treatment options like low-gain amplification can help your child be more engaged in school and other social environments.

H.E.A.R. Method Treatment Program

The H.E.A.R. Method Treatment Program is our comprehensive approach to hearing healthcare. Treating your hearing loss is a form of preventative medicine that can prevent symptoms of ear injuries from worsening. Early treatment is always best, so we encourage you to schedule a hearing assessment immediately when you start noticing changes to your hearing, even if the changes are subtle.

The H.E.A.R. Method Treatment Program includes lifetime hearing loss coverage at a fixed cost, a lifetime warranty, and an advanced-technology hearing solution. We can target any of your hearing loss, tinnitus, or cognitive needs.

Schedule a Hearing Test in South Orange, NJ

If you need a hearing test or other hearing treatments, schedule an appointment today at the Hearing Doctors of New Jersey. We look forward to helping you get back to the things you love with a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan.

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