6 Tips for New Hearing Aid Users


New hearing aids make a huge change in your hearing and lifestyle but at first they can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are a few things to help you adjust to your new hearing aids and make the most of them.

Be Patient

It is not uncommon for new hearing aid wearers to feel overwhelmed or distracted by the hearing aids themselves and the newly heightened hearing levels. Give yourself some time to get used to your new hearing aids and all the new sounds you are hearing. However, if after a few days you find you still aren’t getting used to them, reach out to your doctor of audiology to get them checked out.

Leave Them Be

You might be tempted to mess with the volume adjustment and amplification on your hearing aids but avoid changing these settings too much. Most hearing aids will automatically adjust to the volume levels of different environments. Other times, you may increase the amplification beyond the scope of the natural hearing range which is not good for everyday use. As you get used to your hearing aids, you will be more accurately able to determine whether the settings need to be changed and if so, ask your audiologist for help.

Avoid Loud Environments

When you first start to wear hearing aids, for the first day or two it is best to only wear them in quiet environments. Avoid large and noisy social spaces and slowly introduce your hearing aids to those social settings. The sudden volume change can be overwhelming, so it is best to ease into things.

Start Slowly

Similarly, you should start by wearing your hearing aids only a few hours a day so that you are not overwhelmed by the noise levels around you. There are many things you might not have heard for a while, such as the humming of your fridge, birds chirping, your phone ringing, etc. Your audiologist will help you develop a plan for how much time you should start with and how much you should increase that by each day.

Read Aloud

It’s not uncommon for people with hearing loss to speak at loud volumes and when you first start wearing hearing aids, you may find that your voice is distractingly loud. Reading aloud is a great way to regain your voice control and adjust to the effects of your hearing aids.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Properly caring for your hearing aids is important because it will give them a long lifespan. Regularly clean your hearing aids with a soft, dry cloth and use a pick to clear away earwax and other debris. You should also remove your hearing aids when you shower or swim since water can build up in them and impact their effectiveness. If your hearing aids need minor repairs, our team can help.

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