10 Reasons Why Hearing Aids Are Not Like Glasses


There are many misconceptions about hearing aids. Oftentimes, people do not understand how they work or what they do. This can lead to frustration or shame for the person who requires the help of hearing aids. Many think that hearing aids can simply be compared to the function of glasses, but this is not the case. Below is a list of 10 reasons why hearing aids are not like glasses.

  1. Unlike glasses that give you near perfect vision, hearing aids do not give you perfect hearing. Instead, they amplify all sounds, even the ones you may not want to hear.
  1. Adjusting to wearing new glasses takes hardly any time at all. When it comes to getting hearing aids, it can take more time to get used to the way they work. Since they amplify all sounds, it might be frustrating or confusing for a while. Eventually, your brain will adjust to all the new sounds. Higher quality hearing aids will compress those background noises better, but it will still require time to adjust.
  1. Hearing aids require batteries to function. Obviously, glasses do not need anything besides the frame and lenses to help you see. The batteries on hearing aids need to be replaced every so often in order to work.
  1. Since hearing aids are an electrical device, they can never get wet.
  1. Glasses can be seen as a fashion accessory, and come in a wide variety of styles. Hearing aids are only there to serve a function and are even designed to hardly be noticeable.
  1. There is still some stigma around wearing hearing aids. Glasses have become a widely accepted necessity, but people don’t always react the same way to someone who needs help hearing.
  1. Unfortunately, most hearing aids are not regularly covered by your insurance provider. This makes them far more expensive and difficult to replace or even purchase, and because of this some people may not even be able to afford them. Glasses are usually covered by insurance and are often cheaper than hearing aids in general.
  1. Hearing aids are small, making them easy to lose or misplace.
  1. Since hearing aids amplify all sound, they can also increase your sensitivity to loud sounds. Comparatively, glasses never increase your sensitivity to light or certain images.
  1. Sometimes, hearing aids can let out a sharp sound. This can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, disrupting your day to day life. The biggest inconvenience glasses can really cause are getting dirty. But all you have to do is wipe them off to quickly fix that problem.

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